Real Estate in the Empire Neighborhood

Real estate in Belleville's Empire NeighborhoodGreat Opportunities to Locate in the Empire Neighborhood!

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a family or individual moving to the St Louis area, or a retiree looking for a perfect blend of security and liveliness, Belleville's historic Empire Neighborhood is a great place to live! We have all the amenities you need including light-rail connectivity to St Louis, solid schools and colleges, superb businesses and night life, health and fitness options and other great resources all within walking distance.

Classic Affordability

Built by the "Latin Farmer" immigrants of the past two centuries, Belleville's Empire Neighborhood stands as a testament to our forefathers' attention to building community through architecture that would stand the test of time. Over the years their attention to detail may have gathered some dust but it still stands stronger than any architecture to follow. The Empire Neighborhood affords a wide range of homes from elegant mansions once owned by Belleville's beer barons to cozy, simple German Folk Houses that have offered "common" folk a beautiful place to enjoy tree-lined walkways and peace and quiet while allowing them access to Belleville's lively downtown.


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