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Welcome to Belleville Illinois' Beautiful Empire Neighborhood!

Welcome to The Empire Neighborhood

Welcome to The Empire Neighborhood!Historic yet Progressive!

Belleville Illinois' beautiful and historic Empire Neighborhood welcomes visitors, new residents and those who have spent their entire lives in Belleville's oldest neighborhood. 

Empire Neighborhood offers a mix of majestic old mansions, traditional German folk houses, business properties and everything in between. Here you will find friendly, walkable streets, welcoming neighbors, schools with character, neighborhood watering holes, churches on every block, and a downtown that is alive with food, shopping, movies and much more!



Great Real Estate!

One of the St Louis area's "best-kept secrets," The Empire Neighborhood offers many opportunities to those in search of a place to call home. Use our website to explore and find the perfect place to raise a family and to enjoy life.



Join Us!

Keep your finger on the pulse of The Empire Neighborhood by signing up for our email newsletter. Get to know your neighbors by attending one of our neighborhood events or meetings. Become a member of our neighborhood organization and be an active participant in what is happening!

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